9/14/2009 – There’s no V in Vodka

After an uneventful flight to St. Petersburg, RU, hotel checkin and a little nap, we met with the rest of the group for dinner.  Our menu: Baltic Sea herring on potato & beetroot salad, Chicken Kiev, and Apple pie with vanilla ice-cream, served with Chilean wine — a traditional Russian dinner.   One of the people at our table had a shot of vodka, so I called the waitress over and asked for a glass of vodka.  She looked at me like I was talking nonsense, so I repeated louder and slower (this always works with people that don’t speak your language)  “V-O-D-K-A, V-O-D-K-A”.  Finally, out of desparation I pointed at the person across the table and and said “what she’s drinking”.  “Oh”, she exclaimed, “Wahdka”!


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