9/18/2009 Land of Nokia

We arrived in Helsinki around noon for a walking tour of the city.  Helsinki is a modern town, having burned down in the mid 1800’s, so the old-town is not-so-old.  A fairly small city of 1/2 million, in a country of 5 million which is about the size of the city of St. Petersburg.  Finland has a history of being fought over by the Swedes and Russians, who traded ownership a number of times.  The Finnish people are not ethnically related to the Swedes (Scandanavians) or the Russians (Slavs), but instead have a mysterious origin somewhere east of the Ural mountains.  The people don’t look like the folks we saw in St Petersburg, who had a lot of Scandanavian features (esp. the women).

Tomorrow is Estonia.  We watched a great documentary this morning on the Estonian resistence to the Soviet occupation, titled “The Singing Revolution”.


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