09/23/2009 – Nine Months of Anticipation, Three Months of Disappointment

This is how the Swedes describe their weather.  Fortunately, we got lucky and had a bright sunny day in Stockholm today.  Yesterday we stormed the city in our flotilla of zodiacs, sneaking in through the canal in the kings park, but no one seemed to take note.  We pillaged the old town and after consuming 0.5 l. of Abro beer, we settled in for the night.

Today we toured the Vasa museum, housing a complete ship recovered from the waters near Stockholm in the 60’s.  It seems that one of the king Gustav’s decided to build a most impressive warship in the early 1600’s to impress the Poles he was battling.  Unfortunately, 15 minutes after it set sail on it’s maiden voyage, a gust of wind blew it over and it sank — a little top-heavy she was.

Then on to the Town Hall built in the 1920’s, and finally an afternoon stroll through an open air museum of old houses and buildings brought from all around Sweden.  A very pleasant visit — the Swedes seem very laid-back in their bicycle-infested city.


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