09/24/2009 – And All the Children are Blond

Our plan was a sneak attack on the Vikings on Gotland island, the original home of the Goths, but we scrapped that when we were met on the docks by a local band and our blond guide.  Strong winds made the start of the walking tour a bit tough, but we survived until we could reach the local park to watch the ducks in the pond and the blond kindergardeners descend on the playground.

Visby, the main town on the island (which is about the size of Long Island), has a small population, but includes a renowned university (Gotland U.) in archeology and video game design.  Apparently you can’t put a shovel in the ground here without unearthing an artifact from the past inhabitants:  Vikings followed by Teutonic Knights followed by the Hanseatic League (more Germans) followed by those nasty Danes followed by Swedes.  Visby was one of the largest cities in the Hanseatic League in the early 1300’s until the Danes came and messed the place up.  Apparently the Vikings grew very fond of Turkish Baths after they visited Constantinople, because they keep digging them up when they renovate houses.

We walked through the old town encountering more blond children, then outside the Medieval Walls which still surround much of the city,  followed by a walk through the botanical gardens.  A very nice place indeed — and all the children are blond.


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