10/5/2009 Mont Ste. Michel & St. Malo, France

If it’s Monday, this must be Brittany…  We have left the Vikings of Normandy and are now amongst the Breton Celts.  Seems these people are closely related to the Welsh in Wales, and have never felt very French.

We were up early again today to visit Mont Ste. Michel, the island monestary/cathedral whose construction began before 1000 AD and continued for several hundred years.  It is an amazing place that lives up to the pictures you have seen.  We climbed the 400 steps to the top and wandered through the entire place, since it is all a museum now.  The causeway to the island was built over 100 years ago, and is causing the entire bay to silt up.  The French are finishing up a project to replace the causeway with a bridge to  restore the flushing action that should undo the silting…

The afternoon was spent in the town of St. Malo, a beautiful walled city that has been rebuilt since WWII.  I will remember it as the site of the most expensive beer we have had (so far) on this trip, at over $12 a half-liter (Oh for the good-old-days of the $2 beers in Gdansk).


1 thought on “10/5/2009 Mont Ste. Michel & St. Malo, France

  1. Great stuff…..

    When do you return? Keep Nov 7th open…if you can….very special wine/food tasting at 3:00pm in the Villa Appalcia kitchen? So hope you can join us!!!

    Bubba & LuLu…..:)

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