Sailing to South Georgia Island and First Stop

Oct 28-30

After leaving Stanley, we spent the next two days at sea covering the 700 miles to South Georgia. Even though S Ga is not much further south than the Falklands, it is in a different ocean, the Southern Ocean, which goes around Antarctica. The dividing line between the oceans is defined by a sharp drop in ocean temperature. It turns out that the cold, nutrient rich, water of the Southern Ocean does not mix easily with the warmer Atlantic. In a span of 60 miles or so the ocean temp rapidly drops by 8-10 degrees.

We had lectures each day on sea birds, the history of S Ga Island, as well as the amazing story of Ernest Shackleton’s two year trip to Antarctica, which started and ended in S Ga. Along the way we tried taking pictures of flying sea birds, of which there are zillions…

First land sighted was Shag Rocks, covered with birds (blue-eyed shags and others), but still 200 mi. from S Ga. First stop in S Ga was Haakon Bay (SW side of the island), where Shackleton landed the lifeboat he and five others sailed from Antarctica. We stormed the beaches by zodiac, and spent a couple of hours watching the elephant seals and a few penguins near the beach. Weather good, scenary fantastic!

We then sailed on down the west coast to the westernmost end, where the next blog continues…


3 thoughts on “Sailing to South Georgia Island and First Stop

  1. Great trip and pictures. I like the one showing Tyler’s new lens. Looks like he passed on the old one to Phyllis and got one that he can be proud of.

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