Day 1 – Oslo

We arrived in Oslo at 8:15 am local time. We zipped through passport, got our bags, walked through customs (no checking here), all in less than a half hour. Why can’t it be this easy in the US?

Got to the hotel, our room was ready (yeah!), and just as we started to nap the fire alarm went off and we had to walk down 8 flights of stairs to get out. Of course, as soon as we got to the street the problem was solved and we were allowed to go back in.

After our nap, we had a latte at Wayne’s Coffee, walked around some beautiful parks and the waterfront in the cool weather (cloudy but no rain), and had a great dinner of salad, mussels, and scallops in an outdoor cafe overlooking the boats. Beautiful place!

Only problem was figuring out how to do a credit card at Wayne’s Coffee. The card scanning is done by the customer, not the cashier. This is getting fairly common in Europe, so you never lose sight of your card. The scanner had two slots. Of course I tried the wrong one (it was for European cards that have a chip in them). After our coffee was made I was told to use the other scanner. Then the scanner was asking me something, which I couldn’t read in Norwegian. It wanted a PIN, which our US credit cards don’t use, so I had to press the Sign button so it would spit out a receipt to sign.

A great afternoon, looking forward to tomorrow.


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