Day 3 – Tysjfjorden & Trollfjord

During the night we travelled south a bit. We woke up to walls of gneiss (metamorphed-granite) as we entered the long fjord system of Tysfjord which goes east almost to Sweden. We cruised through the beautiful scenery in an on and off drizzle through most of the morning. Patches of snow and some greenery dotted the solid rock walls of the fjord, topped off by low clouds.

By noon we had reached the end of the fjord, at a spot named Hellemobotyn. A number of nice, wooden, summer homes have been built at the foot of the glacier-fed river by the native Sami people. We zodiaced in to the beach for the middle-length walk up the river to one of the waterfalls. The long walk featured a 2000 ft vertical climb to a great viewpoint, but we settled for the middle-length with only a 600 ft climb.

We got off the zodiacs into a cloud of mosquitos and black flies. We put Deet on our hats to ward off the creatures and off we went, deep into the boreal forest of Norway. It was a beautiful walk up along-side the river, but every time we paused we were attacked by aggressive, albeit slow-moving mosquitos. Many met their deaths as they slowly sapped our blood and strength. Eventually we made it to the base of the water fall, actually more like a giant water slide down the face of the rock. Having donated enough blood, we quickly retraced our path back to the beach and cruised around the fjord in the zodiacs before reboarding the ship.

Before dinner Capt. Skog introduced some of the crew (why are the electricians always Croatian?) and welcomed us aboard. We have all the senior naturalists on board as well as the senior Captain, as all are excited to be going to places Lindblad has never gone before, the northeast side of Greenland.

After dinner we cruised down the short but narrow Trollfjord, oohing and awing at the vertical walls so close to the ship on both sides that we could almost touch them. At the end of the fjord, the Capt turned the ship around on a dime, put the bow so close to the rock that a passenger was able to grab a leaf, and back out we went.

It was cloudy all day, so we had no sense of time or direction. Since it stays light all night at this time of year above the Arctic Circle, 10:30pm on a cloudy day is as bright as noon.


1 thought on “Day 3 – Tysjfjorden & Trollfjord

  1. Jealous of your jacket weather!!! Actual temps today (7/27) will be 100+ and 95+ in Raleigh and Baltimore respectively, with crazy heat indices and thunderstorms in both places.

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