Day 10 – Mykines in Faroe Islands

We got a wake up call a little after 6 am to come out and see the sun coming up over the cliffs of the Faroe Islands, and it was quite a site! (See photo)

By the time breakfast was over, we had arrived at Mykines, one of the westernmost islands. We zodiaced in to hike up the hill and visit the Puffins. There were Puffins everywhere, flying around, in the water, on the land, taking off, landing, making a racket. We had a couple of hours of Puffinning before we had to return to the ship. A great time was had by all.

There were also some yellow-eyed sheep around looking to have their picture taken as well. The sheep in this part of the world are not sheared. Their wool becomes loose in the spring and it is simply pulled off.

The small village on the island has a number of visitors in the summer, but the full time population is 8 and the school has one student. There is a ferry that brings people to and from the island, and two helicopters made quick stops while we were there, maybe delivering the mail?

During lunch we left, heading further west towards Iceland. We are due to arrive tomorrow around lunch time.


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