Day 13 – Vigur Island in Isafjorden, Iceland

This was our last day in Iceland. It started like all the others. When we arrived in the Bistro for breakfast, our table was set with glasses of OJ, and Lattes appeared as we sat down and we were greeted by Randy and Reynaldo. Chocolate croissants for a breakfast treat. This polar exploring is easy, I don’t know why Nansen, Amundsen, Shackleton and the rest had such a hard time.

In the morning we visited Vigur Island. It was billed as a visit to an Eider Down farm, but the island was covered and surrounded by sea birds, so it turned out to be a nature visit as well. Terns, Guillemots, and Puffins were bringing in mouthfuls of fish to feed their fledgelings, many of which are large enough to fly at this point. The Eider Ducks were swimming around with their duckings trailing behind. We took lots of pictures, even attempting to catch some birds in flight, which was mostly a failure.

The island owners build nesting sites for the ducks, and provide food and water for the adults and duckings alike, so they will want to come back next year. They gather the down from the nests, then clean it and comb it and turn it into the down that goes into your parkas and duvets.

After lunch we went on the long walk to a waterfall, billed as a three mile hike. Turns out it was three miles each way over very uneven terrain. The waterfall was great, but we were beat when we got back.

Tonight we head north-west towards Greenland. As we go north, the internet may get iffy, so blog posts may be slow to appear (if at all). We crossed the Arctic Circle at 8 PM.


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