Day 14 – Greenland and Scoresbysund Fjord

We started to see the coast of eastern Greenland in the early morning hours. Around 6:30 am the first humpback whales were sited, so out we went to take a look. For the next two hours we were entertained by scores of humpback and fin whales. There is a lot of food in this area, so they gorged themselves as we watched. Birds were everywhere, picking up the leftovers and having a feast themselves.

After breakfast we entered the Scoresbysund Fjord system, considered the largest and longest fjord in the world. We will spend a couple of days exploring it. We coasted along it’s cliffs all day, overcome by the scenery and wonderful weather. Sunny and 50’s with no wind made for a day of glacier, waterfall, and mountain watching. It isn’t possible to get a sense of the scale in the photos, but the one photo with the zodiac gives you a little perspective.


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