Day 15 – Deeper into Scoresbysund, Cruising Fonfjord

We started the day with a hike at Hilka Havn. A camp was first setup here in the 1890’s by a Danish expedition. A recent building was built in 1967 by mining prospectors.

Spring, Summer, and Fall together last 6-8 weeks here, so the plants have to act fast to flower, seed, and show their autumn colors. Everything seemed to be in bloom at this site. All the plants hug the ground to stay sheltered from the wind and elements, even the willow trees are less than 6 inches tall.

It is balmy in greenland, the temp today got into the mid-60’s, even the water temperature is 50! We had lunch on the back deck, taking in the sun.

More cruising down the fjord in the afternoon. The mountains along the fjord are over 6000 feet high, and the water in the fjord reaches 2500 feet deep.

We anchored at the west end of the fjord in the late afternoon, encountering a tent camp used by researchers studying narwals. Another hike up the hill gave us our first view of musk ox, although they were so far away they were just big dark brown moving spots in our binoculars. The willow trees are higher here in this cul-de-sac protected from the wind, reaching almost to your knee!

After dinner we took a zodiac ride amongst grounded icebergs, enjoying the beautiful views and the late night sun. The sun is setting after 10:30, and won’t set at all in a couple of days when we go a little further north.


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