Day 18 – Kong Oscar Fjord

We are now in East Greenland National Park, the largest national park in the world. It covers the entire northeast corner of Greenland, about 1/4 of the island.

Last night after dinner the captain pulled us straight into the solid ice of a fjord, ramming it but doing no damage to the solid fast ice that went for miles across the fjord opening. We spotted 3-4 polar bears way off in the distance, but they were little dots even in binoculars. Later in the evening we found a closer one, close enough that you could clearly see it in binoculars, although photos don’t show much.

Today we cruised through Kong Oscar Fjord, named after a late king of Sweden. The rock formations in the walls of the fjord have been incredible, even in the overcast, slightly foggy weather we have today.

In the afternoon we took a walk, where we had fairly close encounters with two musk ox and an arctic hare. Close enough to clearly identify them in pictures. Musk Ox are not ox and have no musk glands. Their closest relatives are sheep. Go figure!

According to my camera, we took our walk at 73°19’42” N 25°14’30” W. You can GoogleEarth this location to find us.

After dinner we took a ride up to Walterhausen Glacier, one of the larger ones in this area. It is seven miles wide!

Tomorrow we will head further north to see what we can find.


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