Alaska Day 1

Alaska, day 1

We arrived in Sitka mid-afternoon on a flight from Seattle. Sitka was originally a Tlingit village. The Russians found Alaska in the mid-1700’s, came back later in the century, took over the village, and constructed a fortified town. The primary draw was furs, and sea otter pelts in particular. By the mid 1800’s the Russians had harvested all the furs, grew tired of the place, and sold it to the Americans.

Today, Sitka is a nice town with hospitals, schools, and banks to serving a large area of SE Alaska. We visited the Russian Orthodox Church, rebuilt after a fire in the early 60’s, filled with icons and art dating from the early Russian settlers.

We visited the Alaskan Raptor Rescue Center, seeing a number of eagles, owls, hawks, and kites being cared for until they can be released into the wild. We also visited a park containing a collection of totems, as well as a stream teaming with silver salmon spawning and then dying having completed their life cycle.

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