Alaska, Day 5

Alaska Day 5

Tracy arm sawyer glacier williams cove

We awoke today in much better weather in what appeared to be a Norwegian fjord. Tracy Arm has high, steep rock walls with numerous waterfalls coming from glaciers that are out of sight. At the end of the arm is the Sawyer and South Sawyer glaciers which come down to the water. We took long, leisurely zodiac rides along the faces of one glacier which was calving every few minutes or so. The water in front of the glacier was filled with chunks of ice, and dozens of harbor seals were enjoying riding around on them. Mid-morning the sun came out and warmed us up.

We spent the early afternoon enjoying the view as we left Tracy Arm and headed to Williams Cove. The air was still and the water was flat, so we jumped in a kayak and tooled around the cove. We watch a family of ducks paddling along the shore, bald eagles flew around stopping occasionally in the spruce trees, a harbor seal popped his head up to check us out, and a flock of crows made a lot of noise as they circled around.

After checking out a waterfall and some chunks of ice floating around, we went ashore and took a hike through the forrest along a bear path. Bears make nice paths, leaving piles of scat every so often to remind us where we are.

Then back to the ship for a king salmon dinner – just like the bears.


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