Alaska, Day 6

Alaska Day 6

We arrived to Petersburg at sunup -another sunny day ahead. Petersburg is a major fishing town, with scores of boats and three canaries. None of the canaries were operating today, so no billowing smoke or fishy smell. We did a sunup photo walk, had breakfast, a long bog walk, a dock walk where we learned about the different fishing techniques being used, then lunch. As we crossed the bay in zodiacs to the bog walk, we had to dodge incoming and outgoing float planes and two fishing boats, quite a traffic jam! As we walked along the docks, a large sea lion checked us out as he swam among the boats. Huge anemones covered the area just below the waterline on the floating docks.

The afternoon was spent cruising south through the Wrangle Narrows where we spotted some Harbor porpoises and Dal porpoises. The Dal’s are the fastest porpoise. They flew by us several times, barely breaking the surface to breath as you can see in my photo below. Single humpback whales were spotted continuously through the day.

In late afternoon, we approached Snow Pass and spotted a group of humpbacks bubble-net feeding just as we saw on Day 2. We stopped to watch this incredible display for a couple of hours, sacrificing our happy hour and appetizers! A second group of whales came into our area so we had feeding on both sides of the ship. Sundown ended our fun so we went in to chow down on some dungeness crab caught this morning in Petersburg. Another great day!


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