Alaska, Day 7

Alaska, Day 7

The sun rose just as we were entering Misty Fjords National Monument. It felt like we were in Norway today, cruising through the narrow passages between steep, tall, granite walls. To top it all off, it was warm and sunny with the temperatures hitting 78 in the afternoon.

When we entered Punchbowl Cove, we saw a boat at the end of the cove. In a few minutes, we were surprised by a float plane entering the cove from one of the fjords, landing, and taxing to the boat. A couple of minutes later two more float planes flew in together, then a fourth! They dropped people off at the boat and then flew off. We don’t know if was a meeting of the Alaskan mafia, or just some guys coming in for a weekend fishing trip.

In the afternoon we stopped just short of Owl Pass and took a long zodiac ride around a cove and up a salmon stream. Salmon were making their run up the stream to lay their eggs and then die. The water was so clear we could easily see the fish swimming up stream, as well as dead carcasses covering the bottom. Harbor seals and bald eagles were also in abundance, enjoying the bounty of fresh seafood.

Owl Pass is named for the two large eyes formed from breaks in the granite walls as you can see in one of the pictures. Tonight we leave Alaska for British Columbia.


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