Arriving in Newfoundland

We landed in Newfoundland at 8:30 pm, which is 7 pm east coast time (they like being different here). We had beautiful weather and were welcomed by a super-full moon.

The next morning the sun was back, 55 degrees, no wind, just a great day! We visited Signal Hill at the entrance to the St. John’s harbor, then toured the geological museum. Newfoundland has lot’s of rocks, from nearly 2 billion year old’s from the old North America plate, to baby 500 million year old rocks from the plate collision that created the Appalachian mountains (yes, they have Appalachian mountains here too).

In the afternoon we drove to Conception Bay to see some of the old fishing villages, including Brigus and Cupids which was founded in 1610! Must have hit 70 this afternoon, can’t beat this weather.

Now we’re off to a seafood dinner. Last night was oysters and mussels at The Club Pub.


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