Newfoundland Day 2

On our way home from dinner last night (a great meal of scallops, cod, duck, and local gooseberry sorbet), we enjoyed a view of the Super-Moon over St. John’s harbor.

We awoke to a second beautiful day, no clouds, mid-50’s. After touring some of the old sections of town to enjoy the colorful row houses, we drove out to Cape Spear, the easternmost place in North America. When we arrived, a ranger informed us there would be a ceremony in 30 minutes to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the first day of WWII. We walked around the remains of the gun emplacements built by the Canadians and jointly manned by US and Canadian troops throughout WWII. There was definitely a lot of U-Boat activity in the area, but no ships came close enough to be fired on.

Our next stop was Petty Harbor, a long-time cod-fishing village. Cod fishing was stopped in 1992 in Newfoundland, but after some recovery they have re-opened a short, limited fishing season. We got there just as a boat was unloading it’s catch, so we went over and watched as they filleted the catch and put them on ice. The roe and tongues are delicacies, so they are kept as well.

Then it was off to Avalon, an archeological site. Avalon was the second settlement in Newfoundland (the first being Cupids that we visited yesterday), founded in 1621 by George Calvert, later to be known as Lord Baltimore after he founded that city. It turns out he waited until 1628 to actually come to Avalon, and after one winter he decided it was time to move further south. The settlement was taken over by Capt David Kirke (I made up the captain part), who had conquered Quebec from the French. He renamed it Pool Plantation and he and he family built it up until the French took it over in 1696.

Tomorrow we fly to France (the island of St Pierre, which is a French territory just off Newfoundland), and get on the ship for the next part of our trip.


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