Newfoundland Day 5

Just as we were going to bed on day 4, a message came over the PA system that Northern Lights were visible, so out we went to enjoy the view!

The next morning we visited the Iles de la Madeleine. These islands were settled by the French and are now part of Quebec province. Jacque Cartier discovered these islands as he was working his way around the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

The settlers brought cattle, sheep, and horses, but the economy was dominated by fishing. Over the centuries this was a boom and bust proposition, and the area suffered extreme hardship during the bust periods. These days the main catch is lobster. This and tourism provide most of the jobs. Many people from Quebec summer on the islands to enjoy the long beaches. Sheltered lagoons provide excellent wind surfing and kite surfing.

We enjoyed a nice walk along the cliffs to the lighthouse, had a great seafood lunch (fish & chips – cod, or seafood chowder filled with scallops, shrimp, and fish), visited a local microbrewery, which made excellent beer, and toured a local museum.

Back on board, afternoon tea was fresh oysters harvested this morning and white wine.

Our Ship in Isles de la Madeleine Isles de la Madeleine Isles de la Madeleine Phyllis in Isles de la Madeleine Mandatory Microbrewery Stop Enjoying Some Oysters Local Oysters Caught this Morning


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