Holy Land Day 7

We started the day with our second trip to the Israel Museum. This time we focused on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Amazing to see the earliest written copies that have ever been found of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) from about 100 BC.

Then we drove from the Jerusalem area at an altitude of around 2500 feet to Jericho at -1300 feet along the Dead Sea in about 1/2 hour. One of the structures there has been dated to about 10,000 BC, one of the oldest human structures ever found.

Then on to the Dead Sea for a dip in it. We all bobbed like corks for 20 minutes before we decided to shower off and have a beer!.

We spent the night at Ein Gedi, a kibbutz started in 1956. They have a beautiful garden of plants from around the world that can thrive in this environment (dry & hot, but water available for irrigation from local springs).



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